After a few weeks of training,now the time already come...the competition was held at the Bp Mall main stage on 12.8.2009 ( Wednesday ).Unfortunately our team didn't win but for me SDBL Aerobic team are the winner...i love all the girls so much, furthermore they put so much efforts and sacrifice their times.The two gals ( very talkatives,beautiful,cute bla bla2 but extremely creative ) Li En and Hui Ping really helps alot and i really admired both of them sooooo much.thanks girls...ashqira , shakirin , ayu, li en,Hui Ping,amirza,zuhaili, amelia and to my most adorable,cute sis, Jai..thanks alot...u make me believe that nothing is possible.and here is their performance.....taraa...

Platonic love is very much a part of any close friendship. But such a love doesn't always stay platonic. Sometimes it turns into passionate love. Crossing that line, between friendship and love, can be both beautiful and extremely difficult......every decision brings a price, and often that price brings sadness when two friends must part for a time....

Life hands us many different things, good and bad. One of the greatest gifts we receive is the love of a good friend.Thanks to all my friends for all the supports,love and all of u very much..

Finish already...
wow weee.....

Hot mummy to-be isma , ct and me
Today ( Sunday, 9.8.09 ) four of us , isma , ct , jai and myself went to Kluang RailCoffee just to have a coffee, a toast with a half-boiled eggs.It is one of our fav spots..even it took about almost 1 hour from Bp to get there but it's really worth it's gals day's out..wehaaa!

How can i mend my broken heart???

There are times in the day,
when i will think then I will say,
our friendship is lost and gone,
and has fallen like dawn.
no one to look too,
when i"m feeling blue,
why you wonder?
well that's a question to pounder.
have you really left me?
is our friendship not meant to be?
are you not being true?
or doing things your not suppose to do?
i notice that we hardly talk,
and you always avoid me when you walk.
feelings are left unsaid,
and the hatred begins to spread.
is it true that our friendship is fading away?
please if yes, can we make up today?
cause you are my friend and i really care,
about the time we used to share.
but now this time is gone,
and has fallen like dawn.
i wish we could be close again...or at least try,
cause for the time we have lost i've had time to cry.
cause our friendship was honest and true,
and my biggest loss was being friends with you.
for the time we've spent apart,
have caused me to have a broken heart.
time apart from you has made me see,
how important our friendship is to me.
i don't know about you but i'm sure about me,
i miss the way our friendship used to be.
so is it true? are you my friend?
or is the friendship that i loved...come to an end?

I love this song very much since the first time i heard it...really motivates me a lot.Sometimes when i'm feeling down and stressful i will listen to it...and it makes me feel much it's the climb!

We did however notice an ant hill, and trails of ants everywhere. Then we clicked away, amazed by these little creatures.

Why should we be more like ants?

  1. Night of day, ants work hard like there’s no tomorrow–we should be thankful for every minute, every hour, every day.
  2. All ants are friends–so everyone is our friend.
  3. Ants work in a team, all the time–so we can get solve problems quicker, together
  4. They are obedient and respectful to the hierarchy–we must remember those who raised us
  5. Ants can adapt easily to fit the environment–thus we must make ourselves more agile in various conditions

If we can practice just these 5 points mentioned above, we’d achieve another milestone in our short time on earth.

( i like to read all those 5 points..very inspiring)

Photography session with 5.1

See how serious i am?

Practice makes perfect..

This week i'm kinda busy with lotsa works...juggling with the aerobic training everyday then have to finish the syllabus by next week so i can focus in doing some revisions.luckily the gals are very committed with their practice and so extremely creative.Then with the photography session with the students.Gonna miss them a lot later..huhuhu..anyway even sooo busy....i always luv my job so much.